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    It was another expedition and for this expedition you were paired with Sasha keeping watch on the right as the right wing spotters. It wasn't the safest part of the formation but you weren't about to disobey orders. A certain captain however was not pleased with this and tried to move you somewhere safer but the commander being the commander refused. 
    "(Y/n) I never did have a chance to ask you but what did Captain Shorty want to talk to you about?" Sasha asked as she rode her horse next to yours a smirk on her face. You blushed. Mostly everyone knew your crush on the Captain and teased you on a daily bases.

    "O-Oh nothing. He uh just told me to go to his office after we come back. He said he wants to tell me something." You said remembering the words he had told you before the wall opened.


    "Oi! Cadet (L/n)." Levi called. You turned your head to look at him.

    "Yes Captain?" You asked a smile on your face. 

    "Come over here." He ordered. 

    "O-Oh of course." You turned to our group of friends who were smirking before riding your horse towards him. "Yes sir?"

    "After this expedition I want you to come to my office. I need to tell you something important you understand?" You were taken aback at first shocked at his words. "Do you understand (Y/n?)" He asked again seeing you not answering. You blushed at him calling you by your first name and nodded. 

    "Y-Yes sir of course." You said still flustered. Levi smirked at seeing your reaction making you blush even more.

    "Good. So make sure you return from this expedition alive." He said before guiding his horse to the front lines. "Oh another thing," He said stopping. He turned his head around to look at you. "Levi."

    "Sir?" You asked confused. 

    "From now on you are to call me Levi. I don't want you calling me Captain, Sir, or any of that. That's an order."

    "Yes s- Levi." He smiled satisfied making your heart beat even faster then it already was. He would never admit it but he loved the way his name rolled off your tongue and frankly so did you. He turned back toward the front leaving you in a flustered mess. 

~End of Flashback~

"Most likely to confess his love for you!" Sasha squealed.

    "He doesn't love me Sasha." You said sighing.

    "Oh? And what about that necklace?" She asked gesturing to the necklace that hung from your neck. It was a beautiful necklace with a (f/c) gem shining brightly. You didn't know where it came from. It was just there outside your bedroom door wrapped inside a box with your name on it a couple days ago. However you did recognize the handwriting. The girls kept on telling you it was because the clean freak loved you but you failed to believe it. Why would a guy like him love you?

    "It was just an early birthday gift." 

    "Eight month early birthday gift?" She asked rolling her eyes. 

    "Christmas gift?" 

    "Why won't you accept that shorty loves you?"

    "Because he's the all mighty, strong, and brave Captain Levi, humanity's strongest solider and I'm just... me."

    "Don't think about yourself like that (Y/n). You are a strong girl. You're sweet and caring and you're always there smiling ensuring us that everything is going to be alright. I'm sure that's why the Captain fell head over heels for you." Sasha said giggling. You smiled.

    "Thank you Sasha." 
    "Don't mention it! That's what friends are for!" 

    "Remind me to give you my bread when we get back."

    "Really?! Thank you (Y/n)!" Sasha exclaimed happily making you laugh. The two of you rode side by side for a few minutes talking for the rest of the time. You knew that you would be approaching one of the bases where everyone was to meet for a break soon. All of a sudden you saw something in the distance. 

    "Seems like we have company." You said looking at the approaching titan.

    "Please tell me I'm wrong and that that isn't another one over there." You looked to where she was pointing a shaking finger.

    "Sorry to tell you but nope you are not wrong." You pulled out your flare gun and shot out a red smoke screen signal signaling the others nearby.   

    "Why can't they leave us alone for once?" Sasha cried tears filling her eyes.

    "Come on Sasha pull your act together. These things aren't exactly going to wait for us." You said standing up on your horse as the titans came closer. Once they were close enough you swiftly used your gear to maneuver your way to one. It had tried to grab you but you quickly avoided it's hand landing on the nape of it's neck and cutting it. You turned to look at Sasha to see how she was doing and saw her slice the titans neck making you smile. "Nice job." She smiled still shaken up. You chuckled but then saw something behind her. "Guess we can't celebrate just yet." Sasha turned around and her eyes widen. A couple of more titans were making their way towards you. You shot off another smoke signal and readied your blades. Once they reached you you both began fighting them off. It was going fine until you heard a scream. You turned your head and now it was your turn for your (e/c) eyes to widen. "Sasha!" You cried seeing your best friend in the titans grasp. The titan you were fighting saw you distracted and pulled on your wires sending you towards the ground. You winced in pain as your body rolled in the ground before coming to a stop. You groaned as you felt blood tickle down your head and felt over cuts over your body. The titan grinned and leaned down toward you. You quickly grabbed one of your blades and stabbed it in the eye making it yell and fall onto the ground. You quickly used this your advantage and sliced it's neck.

    "(Y/n)!" Sasha screamed as she fell into the titans mouth. 

    "SASHA!" You quickly used your now busted up 3DMG to bring you up to the titans mouth. When the titan grabbed you and threw you down it had broken one of your wires leaving one but even that seemed like it was going to break at any given moment. You quickly grabbed Sasha's hand with one hand as you kept the titans mouth open with the other.


    "I'm gonna get you out of here Sasha don't worry." You told her as you pulled her upward with all your might. It was hard due to the titans saliva covering the both of you. You put all of your force into it and before you knew it you had thrown Sasha out of the titans mouth and into a nearby tree. 

    "(Y/N)!" Jean exclaimed as he arrived landing on a branch beside a terrified Sasha. 

    "Perfect. Jean grab Sasha and get out of here!" You yelled as you tried to keep the titans mouth open. 

    "Are you crazy?! I'm getting you out of there and then we can get out of here!" The three of you then saw green smoke signaling a change in course. 

    "Jean! Go! Please! Get back in formation!"

    "Like hell! I've already lost Marco and I'm losing you too! I won't let you die!"

    "Jean listen to me! My gear is busted! Even if you did manage to get me out of here I won't be of any use and have no means to get back!" You yelled recalling the horses have ran off sometime during the fighting. "Sasha's gear got busted also while in the titans grasp and you can only carry one of us!"

    "But-!" Several titans were seen in the distance coming toward all of you. "Damn it." Jean cursed not liking where this situation was going.

    "Jean go! If you don't go now then we're all dead!"

    "(Y/n)! We're not going to leave you!" Sasha cried. You saw the titans getting closer before looking at Jean.

    "Please." You pleaded. He shook and clutched his hands into fists. After a second he relaxed his muscles. 

    "Thank you for being my friend (Y/n). It was an honor fighting beside you." He said regretfully his head low. He then grabbed Sasha with one arm and prepared to leave.

    "Jean! Wait! What are you doing?!" Sasha cried. "We have to help her!" He ignored her and quickly used his gear to help them escape. You smiled seeing their retreating backs.

    "Levi, I guess I won't meet you in your office after this after all. I'll never know what you wanted to tell me that was so important." A tear slid down your cheek. "I'm sorry." And with that the titan closed it's mouth on you. The last thing you heard was Sasha's scream.

    "You guys are back!" The 104th squad exclaimed seeing the two walk into base. They surrounded the two of them.

    "We were getting worried. It was taking you guys so long." Krista said. 
    "About time you showed up Jean." Reiner told him chucking. 

    "Wait a minute," Armin said noting something. "Sasha I thought (Y/n) was partnered up with you. Where is she?" At that Sasha lost it and began crying. 

    "Wait..." Eren said shaking his head refusing to believe what this meant. "You don't mean..."

    "Horse face tell me it's not what we think it is." Mikasa said glaring at him. 

    "She's out checking for titans right? She's doing a perimeter check before coming right?!" Connie frantically asked them. You were the sweetest and caring girl they knew. You were always there for them when they needed it. You got along so well with everyone and everyone loved you. You couldn't be gone... right? Jean stayed quiet as Sasha continued crying. 

    "I wonder what the Captain is going to say?" Ymir said sighing sadly.

    "Say about what?" A voice asked them making them all freeze. Sasha stopped crying and all faced to see the Captain walking toward them. They all quickly saluted. "Tch. What is going on that's making all this noise?" 

    "S-sir we have something to tell you." Jean said as him and Sasha approached him. Levi looked at Sasha. 

    "Cadet Blouse where is Cadet (L/n)?" He asked rather harshly making her flinch. 

    "She... She..."

    "Where. Is. (Y/n)?" He asked again losing his patience. Sasha stood up tall before speaking.

    "Cadet (Y/n) (L/n) was an excellent solider who put her heart to help save humanity! She died in battle by protecting my life along with the life of Cadet Jean Kirschtein sir!" Sasha yelled making everyone in the base hear her. It was quiet. No one said a word. 

    "She... She's dead?" Levi asked letting those words sink in. 

    "I'm afraid so sir." Jean said sadly. 

    "Her body?"

    "She... I'm afraid she got eaten sir." Sasha told him. 

    "We were able to find this." Jean said holding something in his hand. Levi took it and looked at it before clutching it in his hand. 

    "Rest and fix up your gear. We head out again in ten minutes cadets." Levi said before walking away.

    "Levi..." Hanji said sadly reaching a hand toward him which he simply ignored and walked past her. She knew his feelings toward you and knew this news killed him. 

    "Let him be Hanji. He needs time to be alone." Erwin said seeing Levi's retreating figure. Once out of everyone's sight and deep in the forest Levi fell onto the ground tears streaming down his eyes. The only person he loved was gone. You were devoured and he wasn't there to save you. He failed you. You were gone. He wasn't going to see your smile anymore. He wouldn't be able to see your shining (e/c) eyes anymore. You wouldn't be there to make his day better anymore. One look at you and you would make his heart flutter. You had gotten eaten so now he couldn't even see you one final time. If he knew the last time he was going to see you was before they departed he would held you tight in his arms. 

    "You can't be gone..." Levi sobbed. "You can't." 

~Time Skip~

    Everyone was heading back after yet another failed mission. Many were upset with your loss and wanted to get back so they could all grieve. They couldn't even bury you and cry over your grave. All they could do was cry as they thought of your smiling face. 

    "We have titans approaching!" A solider yelled from behind. Everyone turned around and their eyes widen. 

    "It's an ambush!"

    "Move faster!" Erwin ordered as everyone sped up their horses. "There are to many for us to fight. We have suffered enough casualties and there are to many injured to fight. We need to advance!"      

    "Sir with all due respect but we won't be able to out run all of them! There's over 50 of them!"

    "Commander maybe I should transform. I could fight them if I'm in my titan form!" Eren suggested. 

    "We can't be sure you can control your ability Jeager. We move forward and if worse comes to worse then I'll authorize it."

    "I don't think that'll be necessary I can handle them." Levi said before going off.

    "Levi! Get back here!" Erwin yelled.

    "I know he's strong but that's suicide!" Armin yelled.

    "He lost the one thing he cares about, he doesn't care about anything anymore." Hanji told him. "Not even dying." Hanji went off to help him as did other cadets. After killing a couple titans Levi finally ran out of gas and fell onto the grass.

    "Captain!" They yelled. A titan reached him and reached a hand over towards him going to pick him up. But before it could it was... tackled? Everyone watched with wide eyes as a 15 meter female titan appeared knocking the other away from Levi. It roared angrily at it. Unlike the female titan this titan was covered in skin instead of muscle. It had (h/c) hair going down it's shoulders and piercing (e/c) eyes. The titan that was about to eat Levi got up and roared at the other. The (h/c) haired titan raised her fists in front of her making everyone gasp. This titan knew hand to hand combat?

    "Shorty you alright?" Hanji asked going toward him. Levi however didn't answer and continued watching the two titans fight. He watched the (h/c) haired one fight something about her striking him as familiar. Her moves were so graceful. 

    "Who the hell is that?" Levi asked as he got up from the ground.

    "Don't know but it seems we have another titan shifter. After this we capture her and see who she is. She protected you and is fighting the other titans which means she's on our side." She said seeing the Graceful Titan fight and destroy the titans that ambushed them. Everyone had stopped fighting and watched. Even the Commander and those on the wagons stopped in their position to witness what was happening. After finishing with killing the titans the Graceful Titan swayed before falling onto the ground smoke appearing everywhere.

    "Everyone hold your position." Erwin ordered. After a couple moments the smoke cleared. "Levi go cut the nape and get the person out." Levi walked over to the titan and walked toward the nape. He grabbed his blade and cut deep enough but not enough to kill the person inside. He cut until he saw (h/c) hair sprayed around the persons back. He turned the persons face sideways and his heart stopped. It wasn't possible... it couldn't be... "Levi what's wrong?" Erwin asked seeing Levi's shocked face. "Who is it?" Levi ignored him and quickly proceeded to get the person out of the titan corpse. When he did set them on the ground and placed his ear to their heart. He heard the thumping of their heart. "Levi?" Everyone came toward them and their eyes widen.

    "(Y/N)!" Questions began to be tossed around along with cries of relief and happiness of you being alive.

    "Let's head back." Erwin said. Everyone nodded and went back to their horse as Levi picked you up in his arms kissing your forehead before mounting his horse with you in his arms. After they arrived back at HQ Levi placed you in his bed and waited for you to wake up. After what seemed like hours your (e/c) orbs fluttered open with a groan.

    "(Y/n)?" Levi asked holding your hand. You looked over at him.

    "Levi." You said eyes wide. "But how...? I... I thought I died!" Levi looked at you not knowing what to say.

    "You... You...  YOU IDIOT!" Levi yelled making you jump in surprise. "Do you understand how you made me feel?! Blouse and Kirschtein tell me you were eaten alive causing me to have an emotional break down! Those hours thinking you were dead were a living hell! I wanted to die right then and there do you understand?! I regretted not telling you I fucking loved you and not holding you in my arms when I had the fucking chance! Do you understand you brat?!" Realizing what he just said caused a blush to crept onto both of your cheeks. 

    "Y-You love me?" He sighed stroking your hair.

    "Yes (Y/n) I love you. That's what I wanted to tell you after we got back." You smiled. 

    "I love you too." He smiled as well. He brought his lips down to yours and gave you a gentle and sweet kiss. How much you had waited for this moment and you finally got it. It was as perfect as you had imagined. No, in fact it was better. When you two parted you looked at him still a bit confused. "So how am I still alive?" You asked. Levi then went on and told you how you had arrived to save him in a titan body and defeating all the titans there and how Hanji had taken a blood sample while you were out confirming that you were indeed a titan shifter like Eren. He said that your abilities were only revealing themselves now because there was no need for them in your previous battles. It was locked inside you for when you really needed it like when you had gotten eaten. Like what happened with Eren when he transformed when Trost fell. You had transformed while still inside a titan. "So I'm a titan shifter huh? Well I wasn't expecting that." Levi chuckled and kissed your forehead. 

    "Titan shifter or not you're still my (Y/n). I love you and that will never change." He said. "Oh and I almost forgot. It seems you lost this." He reached into his pocket and pulled out what Jean had given him when he told him you were dead. You gasped.

    "My necklace!"

    "Try not to lose it this time brat." He said as he put it on you. 

    "I won't. I promise." You said before the two of you cuddled in bed together falling asleep in each others arms. Yes you were an idiot but you were his idiot.  
Hope you all enjoy another one of my Levi x Reader one shots! :D (Big Grin)  
You are all amazing! 
I do not own SnK/Aot or any of it's charactersLevi Rivaille (Clean Freak) [V3] 
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Isayame said that titan shifters only have 13 years to live so at the age of 23 Eren will die
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Fits my OC pretty well. She wears a necklace and she's a titan shifter :D Thing is that she's 17 meters and she looks like Annie's titan but with brown and blonde hair and her body is white and red :P oh and along with an extra row of teeth (sharp ones hidden in her mouth)
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Oh my god i really fangirled at the wnd when levi cut the nape and reveal me!!! Omg omfg omg i skipped it (sorry cant help the fangirl) but its so cute sasha cried because dhe wouldnt get her bread *cries jk but dude its a realley cute one keep it up! :) ;)
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I've read this before so my friend leaned over my shoulder to see what I was grinning about and was shocked to see that her friend was such a horrible person as to grin at a crying Levi. XD
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MaskedRed Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2016
Omg most beautiful most awesome most wonderful story read this story while listening to BTS I NEED U it makes you wanna cry but otherwise good storyExo : Kai Happiness [EXO] Xiumin Emoticon Kai (EXO) Kai (EXO) GD (BigBang) [EXO] Sehun Emoticon 
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And I'm his idiot! Yipee!
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Aww~ is it weird if i thought of my titan form as like an espada's release form from bleach?
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For some reason Im Addicted to reading Titan!Reader Stories, Like, I Love being all titan-y and stuff, it makes me feel more powerful than i actually am💁😝💞
chloejinx Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Student Artist
I seriously almost started crying when Levi had an emotional breakdown. Like good god you know how to to make me love Levi even more!
Btw I love all of your fanfictions <3
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Great story, it's good being a titan shifter. Keep being awesome! 😉 ;)
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I love it. It was amazing <3
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