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Hello everybody! Welcome to my page! I enjoy writing, reading, listening to music, and watching a lot of anime. I hope you all enjoy reading my stories! You are all amazing! Have a great day!

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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 22, 2018, 7:55 PM

Hello you beautiful people! If you're looking to enter the world of your favorite fandom you have come to the right place! I hope you enjoy reading my work and if there are any requests please let me know, and I'll try my best to write it. Have a great day and enjoy!

Requested by: :iconyuuki332: 

    Sitting on the roof of Ichigo's house you look up at the sky, and see the white clouds float by. After all those months of gearing up, and getting stronger, the war against Aizen was finally over. It wasn't easy. Many of your friends were injured, and some almost even lost their lives. Even the Head Captain, had his struggles. The power Aizen had was something no one was used to. However, even after all of that there was something that perhaps hit you even more. That being Ichigo. Ichigo got involved in the whole Soul Reaper, maybe a part of him was meant to, but still. After all the time he spent being a soul reaper, he had to say goodbye. The fight with Aizen took its toll, and at those very moments Ichigo was losing his powers. 
    You and Ichigo met during the same time he and Rukia did. Both you and Rukia had came to world of the living, to be the towns soul reapers, and soon enough noticed Ichigo's strange powers. Ichigo had always considered you to be the more normal one, and soon enough you both became close friends. Then, somewhere along the way, you started to realize you felt something more towards him than just friends. Now, he was losing his powers, and soon won't be able to see you anymore, and it hurt. 

    "(Y/n)." You heard a voice say. You turn around, and see Orihime standing there. "Ichigo, is starting to wake up." Your eyes widen, and were up in a second. You thanked her before you both headed towards Ichigo's room where Chad, Uyruu, Rukia, and Renjii were. You all watch as he begins to move around before he opens his eyes. He looks a bit surprised seeing all of you there for a second, but soon regains his composure. Rukia began to explain a bit about his condition, and you see sadness in his eyes, before saying he wants to go outside. On the way out everyone besides Ichigo look at each other as you all continue to feel his loss in spiritual pressure. Once outside he looks around, and begins to say his goodbye to Renji. They may have fought often, but at the end of they day they were great friends, maybe even brothers. Rukia went next, and soon enough it was your turn. Rukia walked back to where everyone was, and placed a hand on your shoulder, and gave you a reassuring squeeze. You smiled slightly, before walking toward the orange head. When his eyes met yours a flash a sadness washed over. 

    "So Ichigo, I guess this is where our adventure ends, huh?" You said. He nodded.

    "It appears so (Y/n)." 

    "Hey. come on now Ichi, this is no time for you to be upset. You helped lock away Aizen, and are a hero." You told him trying to lighten up the mood. He chuckled slightly. 

    "I guess, but still... it feels like I still lost." 

    "Don't think like that. Look at all the upsides, I mean, you can actually focus on your schoolwork now." He scoffed. 

    "Gee, what a great thing to look forward too." 

    "Education is a very important thing, excuse you."

    "Says the one who was always falling asleep during class." 

    "Well, that's because I don't need to know all these human subjects. I attended school, because it looked like fun." And because I would be able to spend more time for you. This time Ichigo laughed a genuine laugh. 

    "What's so fun about so much schoolwork?" 

    "You complain too much you know that?" You said, folding your arms across your chest. 

    "Says you." You stick your tongue out at him playfully, before you both start laughing. 

    "I'm gonna miss this." You said quietly. 
    "Me too." There was a pause. "(Y/n). I don't know whether it'll make things harder or not, but I need to tell you something." You looked at him, waiting. "We've been through a lot together, and you've been someone I could always depend on..." He started blushing, and started rubbing his neck nervously. "Well, what I'm trying to say is, I love you (Y/n)." You stare at him shocked for a moment, before you smile gently, and hugged him. 

    "I love you too Ichi." You felt him wrap his arms around you as well. 

    "We won't be apart forever. We'll be together again." You both pull apart, and you feel Ichigo's powers start to vanish quicker. You knew Ichigo felt it too, because his eyes widen, at most likely seeing you begin to vanish from his sight. You look up at him sadly. 

    "Too bad we didn't confess earlier on, huh?" A small smile spread on his lips.

    "Tell me about it. Take care of yourself (Y/n)."

    "You too, don't do anything stupid." He chuckled, before looking softly at you.

    "This isn't forever."

    "No, so no goodbyes."

    "Right, so instead let's say-"

    "See you later Ichigo."

    "See you later (Y/n)."

    You both smiled sadly at each other, before you vanish from the now former soul reapers eyes.


    You had to hold back giggles as you saw Rukia yelling at Ichigo about how much of a baby he was, and how weak he had gotten. Those two always got along like a pair of siblings, and were very entertaining to watch.

    "Come on Ichigo, what do you think (Y/n) would think about how you're acting?!" Ichigo's eyes widen. 

    "(Y/n)... is she here?" Rukia shook her head disappointed.

    "You really are horrible at sensing spiritual pressure, huh? I know it's been a while, but still. Wouldn't you agree (Y/n)?" You walk towards the pair, and right away relief washed over Ichigo's features.

    "(Y/n)." He quickly rushed toward you, and lifted you up, and spun you around making you laugh. When he finally placed you down, you look at him happily.

    "Nice to see you again Ichi." He chuckled.

    "Yea. Long time no see (Y/n)." He noticed something on your arm, and he smiled. "I see someone got promoted." You nodded proudly. 

    "That's right. You're looking at the new Co-Lieutenant of Squad 10."

    "Congrats." He said hugging you once more. "You, Toshiro, and Rangiku must be one hell of a team." 

    "Thanks. Guess all that training actually paid off huh?" 

    "You're one of the strongest soul reapers I know. You were bound to be promoted sooner or later." You smiled.

    "Thanks." Ichigo wrapped his arms around, and you smiled and leaned into his chest. 

    "In case anyone forgot, I'm still here." Gingo said making you both turn to face him. Oh right, this guy. "The reunion is sweet, and everything, but do you think that sword, and both of your power enough would be enough to bring back Ichigo's power? He may look like a Soul Reaper, but that's all." He said looking directly at you and Rukia. You glared at him.

    "And what makes you think it was only our powers that were on that sword?" You asked raising an eyebrow, still in Ichigo's arms. 

    "What are you talking about?"

    "You really are dense, aren't you?" Rukia asked.

    "They're saying that they're not alone, you idiot!" A voice exclaimed. All four of you turn to face the sky, and see a red light as the door separating the human world, and Soul Society opened, revealing Kenpachi, Ikkaku, Byakuya, Renji, and Toshiro. You laughed. Everything about their entrance was just so dramatic. 

    "Guess we have to finish this reunion later, huh?" Ichigo told you making you nod. 

    "Looks that way. So, let's finish this fight quickly alright?" 

    "Sounds good to me." You saw that confident look on his face again, just like he had back then. You smiled. Yea, that Ichigo that you loved was back.


    Once the fight was over, you stood by a pond that was outside the Squad 10 barracks. Ichigo was speaking with the Head Captain alone, after the meeting everyone had with Ichigo. What he was speaking with the head captain about you had no idea. All you knew was that Ichigo was back, and that was the best thing that had happened that day. A couple of minutes later, you felt someone, and you smiled as you turned your head to face them.
    "So, how did the meeting go?" You asked. He looked surprised.

    "You heard me coming?" 

    "You were never one to hide you spiritual pressure well Ichigo. I sensed you coming a mile away." He looked down embarrassed. You laughed, and patted his arm. "Don't worry, we all can't be good at everything. So, what did the head captain say?" 

    "Well, after you all left he told me how the Soul Society owed him so much, and that with my power, I can help the Soul Society in so many ways. I've helped in so much, and he offered me a position here in the Soul Society. Shinji offered to take me into his Squad." You look at him shocked, before speaking.

    "And, well... what did you say?" 

    "I thought about it, and I thought well, I've been through so much with things regarding the Soul Society. It consumed my life, and along the way I met so many great people. During these past few months I didn't have my powers, I felt a part of myself was missing. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't fill the void. If I decline the offer, sure i'll have my powers, but I won't see anyone from the Soul Society because everyone has their duties here, and won't come to Karakura because I'll already be the town's soul reaper. It won't be the same. So, I decided, I've come this far with the Soul Society, might as well stick with them." You smiled. 

    "So you mean?!"

    "You're looking at Squad 5's third seat." You smiled gleefully, and flung yourself at Ichigo, making him wrap his arms around you. "Besides, didn't I say nothing was going to separate us again?"  

    "That you did." You both looked at each other, and Ichigo placed a hand on your cheek. 
    "You have no idea how much I missed you." 

    "I missed you too Ichi."

    "There's something I wanted to do back when I was losing my powers, but decided I'll do it when we saw each other again." You tilt your head.

    "And what's that?"

    "This." At that moment his lips met yours, and you felt yourself blush, but nonetheless kissed him back. After everything, you and Ichigo were finally together, and whatever came your way both of you would face it hand in hand. Your story with Ichigo didn't end when Ichigo lost his powers. Why? There was never a goodbye. Even with his powers gone, your love for each other remained, and picked up right where it left off when you both saw each other again. 
See You Later (Ichigo x Reader)
Well everyone here is another Bleach one-shot with Mr. Ichigo. This story was requested a while ago, and I'm so sorry it took so long to write! Really Sad  Either way, I hoped you enjoyed it! Let me know what you thought, and have a great day! :happy: 

I do not own Bleach or any of its characters. Ichigo Kurosaki icon 


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